Amber Road, Amber Gardens @ East Coast

History About Amber Road District 15

Amber road is located at Eastern side of Singapore. It connects to the junction of Haig Road and the Mountain Road. The road was linked to one of the most famous Jewish business family Elias Family. The road was named Amber after the trust fund founded by mother. Amber road is where all the major events happened in Singapore but was also highly affected in the Maria Hertogh Riots that happened in 1950.
Amber road was also a trade route that was used to transfer amber from the coastal areas.There were trade routes which included the Silk Road that traded wool, silver and gold coming from Europe.


The mansion owned by the famous Elias family was one of the biggest landmarks. It was built in the early 1990s near the sea before the land reclamation took place.

Mandalay Villa House

It was built in 1902by lee Cheng Yan who was a great business man which was later inherited by his son Lee Choon Guan. The son died in 1924 and the house was taken over by the wife who died in 1978 and was left vacant. Mandalay was later sold and afterwards demolished in 1983.

Chinese swimming club

The history began in 1905 when a group of Chinese men who wanted to start a swimming club. They registered the club in 1909 and was renamed to Chinese swimming club in the year 2010. The club is well known for producing the best swimmers in the world. The club stands till today.


There are several restaurants around Amber Gardens that are well recommended if you need good food. Some of the best restaurants include:

Amber Road Café

this is one of the best restaurant you can get because they offer all the meals breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. The staffs in the café are well mannered and kind. The services are good and the food there is actually good.

Paradise Teochew Restaurant

it is located along amber road. They serve mainly Chinese food and they prepare all meals including brunches. Their food is consistent and the services are good. They also offer multi-course meals for those interested.

Shops that you can buy

Jaipur boutique –

it is located behind Golimar garden. The majorly deal with carpets, duvets and beds. The place deals with a lot of traditions of Japanese and Indian history. It is a place you might need to go anytime.

Silver Mountain –

its address is Silver Mountain, showroom No 41. The shop mostly deals with silver jewellery from earrings, bracelets and rings. The jewellery is of good quality and they are very affordable.

Amber road is a definite place to visit for a vacation or even go to stay. The place is very entertaining and the people there are very friendly and very social. If you have not been to Amber road then it should be in your bucket list.